Make Money Blogging Using These 8 Secret Blogging Tips!

These blogging tips are a great way to share with new blogger that are interested in a way to get paid to blog.

Having a blog is almost a must for any network marketer today. Once you have your blog set up, in order to make money blogging, you can no longer rely on the old ways to generate traffic to your site. Today, you must be creative and these 8 blogging tips should be of great benefit to you.

One of the blogging tips is to take advantage of 2.0 marketing. Getting on the different social networks where people are congregating to talk and visit. If you’re new and know absolutely nothing about how to make money blogging then these 8 blogging tips should help you get started.

1) One of the first blogging tips that you need to know is how to drive traffic to your blog.

Driving large amounts of traffic to your blog will insure that you make money blogging. One way to get your blog found is to learn how to optimize it for the different search engines and using a SEO plug in like SeoPressor will make the job very easy for you. It will pinpoint all the areas that need to be addressed for high ranking and optimizing your blog site is also one of the great blogging tips.

Using article marketing, forum posting and commenting on other blogs is three blogging tips that I would urge you to implement immediately. This creates back linking and helps in raising your rank with sites like Google.

2) Be sure to Optimize your blog name is one of the best blogging tips that I could give you.

When you choose a domain name for your blog, be sure that the name contains your keywords and that the domain name is easy to spell. The name must tell the prospect what your blog is about. You only have 30 seconds to get a prospects attention.

3) Placing advertising on your blog is another way to get paid to blog!

Google offers a program called ad sense where you get paid each time someone visits your site and clicks on an ad that might interest them.

Amazon and Click bank are other companies that will pay you a commission but only if someone clicks on and buys something.

4) Making money blogging requires some Link Building!

You can activity offer to exchange links with other blogs that are involved in the same topic as you. This blogging tip has been used by some of the top bloggers because they know that search engines will increase your rank based on the number and the quality of links pointing back to your blog.

5) You can also join paid blogging networks as well!

Check out other sites for programs that are being promoted or new start ups and write a review on those services. People love to read “how to” or “reviews” to get information before they make a purchase.

6) If you want to get paid to blog, Update your blog on a regular basis!

I would suggest updating your blog at least 2 or 3 times a week so that your readers have constant new content to keep them involved.

Post a new article or make a new video and post it to your blog occasionally. This blogging tip will keep your customers actively reading and re-reading your blog on a weekly basis.

7) Once you write your blog post, check it for grammar and spelling.

In order to make money blogging and look like a professional doing it, prospects will not accept bad grammar or massive spelling errors. I suggest writing your blog post, then letting it set for 24 hours, come back, read it again and you will easily find errors that were overlooked on the first reading.

8) Be Original

Prospects and readers don’t want to read the same ole rehashed jargon over and over, so take this marketing tip to heart and give them something new and refreshing. Allow your personality to come through as you write your post, some people say that you should write like you talk.

Give that a try and test the results for yourself. If you’re new and want to make money blogging, use these blogging tips as a guide to help you grow your blog, practice your writing skills daily and weekly and with each improvement you should see traffic start to migrate to your blog just from using these blogging tips.

Internet Marketing For Your Blog – Taking Advantage Of Increase In Rising Blog Popularity

Internet Marketing Is Internet Marketing – Blogs -Websites – And Everything Else Applies

Internet Marketing is definitely an ever changing landscape – and many times things change without notice or before the larger percentage of us even know its changing. Keeping up with the changes is 1 vital part of staying relevant – but taking advantage of these changes BEFORE they happen or at least when they happen will put out in front of the larger percentage of marketers.

And the increase in blog popularity is, without a doubt one of these changes we must take advantage of.

Internet Marketing For Your Blog

I often am asked, whats the difference in internet marketing for blogs -and internet marketing for websites? And in all reality, there are very few difference’s, if you ask me. Both require quality content – lot’s of traffic, quality backlinks and a lot of other marketing strategies that apply to all types of sites on the internet.

But blog’s are different than your average website- see, the blog’s are interactive by the actual blog reader’s and can be changed by the blog reader’s comments and other types of blog interaction. And its THAT type of difference that can change the way we use Internet Marketing for our blog’s.

So the difference’s in blog’s and their interactive style can be used to market them differently – and a lot more effectively. Here are some unique methods that can be used to market your weblog, as well as SEO strategies:

Comments – Getting more comments is a great way to bolster your blogs rankings- as well as giving your blog an authoritative look and feel.
Connect With Other WeBlogs – Blogging communities are very unique compared to websites – sharing links with similar blog’s and blog rolls is another way to market your blog effectively.
Use FREE Blogs – Another great attribute of blog marketing, is the huge number of free blogs that we can use to market products, ourselves and other blogs. A lot of times we can even test a market with our free blogs and simple article marketing strategies to see if we have something worth going after. Free blog’s are the only free sites that actually have a chance of getting ranked – no free websites ever get ranked on Google for anything relevant.
Blogs Get Ranked FAST! – Yep, without a doubt, blog’s get ranked so much faster than websites. That is one of the more amazing features of blog marketing. Even free weblog’s have legitimate ranking ability – and this ability to get ranked and INDEXED quickly actually give’s the link’s that come from free Weblog’s a lot more weight than other links.
Similar Internet Market Strategies

Of course, when it come’s to internet marketing, a lot of the same rules still apply. We still need to use articles, press releases, video’s and more.

But blog’s were created years ago for different reason’s than your standard website. A Blog (Web Log) was simply a unique form of singular expression that was used by a single person as a way to share viewpoint’s, idea’s and opinion’s. Less about selling or marketing- and more about idealistic viewpoints.

But they have always been about sharing and interaction -either by conversation or guest bloggers and such.

As of today, there is still 1 main factor that still rules the Blog-O-Sphere – BLOGS PROVIDE AUTHORS WITH AN AUTHORITATIVE STATUS.

And its THIS status that will in turn, take your average reader or visitor, and show you trust. And as any internet marketer knows – TRUST IS KEY. When we market products – and use weblog’s to do it,trust is the absolute KEY TO SUCCESS.

And if you use them properly- with unique and helpful content -plenty of resources – and the perception that you are a complete expert at whatever market you are blogging about -you will look like an Authoritative figure and gain the TRUST of your reader’s easily -and that’s what Internet Marketing for Blogs is ALL ABOUT.

How To Market Your Blog and Gain More Followers: So Easy An Old Person Could Do It

Written as an example for a basketball coaching blog

1. Find similar blogs

You can start looking for related blogs by using the search engines. Search using relevant keywords + “blog”. Use the singular and plural form of the keywords for each search.

For example – “basketball blog”, “basketball blogs”, “basketball coaching blogs”, “NBA blogs”, “sports coaching blogs”, “high school basketball blog”, etc.

If you do these searches on multiple search engines (bing,google,, etc) you will come up with more options than if you were to only search on google.

Once you have found related, high quality blogs you should either bookmark them, put them in a spreadsheet, etc. Keeping track of everything can save headaches later on.

After finding and organizing your potential candidates you should subscribe to, or “follow” their blog. This normally involves submitting your email address and/or website with some simple personal information. After subscribing you will be updated (by email) of any new posts, & of replies to any of your own comments made on other people’s blog.

*Note-It might be a good idea to make a new email address dedicated entirely to following others’ blogs. This way you can separate your personal email and your blog related email.

2. Interact with the related blogs you have found

Most blog owners will post updates anywhere from 1-10 X per week. Considering the amount of related blogs you may have found, this can be an overwhelming amount of information to comment on or add to. As a result, it is wise to only interact with blog posts that you are either very knowledgeable on or feel strongly about. You have to be saying something important or enlightening to persuade other readers that you are an expert. After a few comments, regular readers of the related blogs will recognize your expertise, and in turn check out your own blog – this will lead to more followers for you.

*Note you don’t always have to disagree with a blog post to feel strongly about it. If a post is written particularly well and you find it informative, its not a bad idea to comment about why you enjoyed/agreed with the post and what specifically you liked about it. This can result in happy blog owners, who may eventually ask for you to write a guest blog post.

It is a good idea to mix-up the type of comments that you make. Some can be a debate if you disagree with something. Some can be made in agreement with a post. Others still may add on something that was stated. Its important to switch it up so that you don’t look negative or like a yes-man. You want to stimulate thought with your posts.

The goal of commenting on other blogs is to gain backlinks to your own blog, as well as establish credibility in your community. When commenting on others’ posts there is usually a spot for your own website, which will be hyperlinked through your name. It will look similar to this- Mauro Panaggio says: – The link should link to your blog (

3. Comment on basketball related articles & news

The internet is filled with basketball articles and news. Start by doing a search for the different types of articles you would like to add to.

Use searches like “basketball articles”, “basketball coaching articles”, “basketball defense articles”, “basketball offense articles”, “free-throw articles”, etc

Use any relevant keywords with the word “articles” or “article” at the end and you will know doubt find thousands of possible places to comment and add a link back to your blog. Get creative with your searches. You can be as specific or broad as you like. Things like “Orlando Magic articles” and “Orlando Magic strategy articles” will all yield different results. Focus on the highest ranking articles, as these will be seen more and result in more people reading your comments. The only exception is with broad searches like “basketball articles”. In this case it is possible that the first 5-10 pages could all get enough traffic to justify a comment.

The second part of this step is to stay up with current basketball news. These get the most traffic, however there are usually many comments. This can make it easy for yours to get lost and overlooked. It is important to pay attention to the regulars commenting on these types of articles. They are usually leads to find new blogs and possible interaction/networking. When commenting on news articles, it is important to keep your responses shorter and to the point. Don’t forget to add your website’s hyperlink.

4. Submitting to relevant blog directories

In order to make it so that your blog is easily found, it can help to submit to multiple blog directories. This involves doing a number of searches. Use keywords followed by the word “blog(s)” + the words “directory” or “directories”

“Basketball blog directory”, “Coaching bog directory”, and “Sports blog directory” are all good starts. These may not return very many relevant results, though.

After this, try searching for and submitting to general blog directories.

“blog directory”, “blog directories”, and “free blog directory” are good searches to start with.

*Note do not spend too much time on this step It is much less important then the other steps and can be implemented when the others have already been done for the day. This process can be frustrating and time consuming.

5. Look for guest blogging opportunities

There are many websites dedicated to bringing together bloggers and people looking for guest blog spots. Start with some simple searches and elaborate as needed.

“Basketball guest blogging” “Guest blogging opportunities” etc

In most cases you will have to sign up as a member at these sites (its usually free). This step can help gain a lot of exposure for your blog as well as provide relevant backlinks.

6. Turn your blogs into articles

Many informative blog posts can be “spun” into articles and submitted to numerous article sites. If done correctly this can result in increased exposure and useful backlinks. Some of the most effective article websites are: EzineArticles, ArticlesBase, GoArticles, and ArticleDashboard.

Spinning your blog posts into articles is an art. The key is to develop content that sounds very interesting (good title) and targets keywords with high search density.

7. Writing effective blog posts

While you should provide lots of fundamental and skill related content for your blog, it is important to spread this out among more light hearted blog posts. For example, in one week you may do a posts about “Motivating your team when they are losing”, “5 coaches who should be fired”, and “Why ____ could have helped the Magic beat the Jazz”.

Some posts should be strictly informative, others opinions, some made as commentary about recent games or events, and others a combination of all 3.

It is important to keep the blog posts at a reasonable length, as attention spans are short nowadays. Also be aware of others who may be commenting on your posts, and be sure to respond if the situation requires it. Constructive interaction may lead more word of mouth followers. Just be sure to keep an open mind when dealing with others’ opinions. You always get the occasional jerks or idiots who don’t know what they are talking about.

Be sure to include any relevant pictures, links, or audio/video that may help your readers. This can make the difference between a good or bad post.

Remember to determine who your readers are (or who you want them to be) and cater to them.

8. Utilize existing channels and contacts

This one is a no brainer. After you have made a few posts and your blog is looking good, reach out to anyone you already know and that might be interested. Ex players, coaches, and anyone else who might pass along the word. Use emails, Facebook, and even phone calls to inform others about your blog and encourage them to tell their friends.

This step will help you gain a good base of followers and is a great starting point. It is much harder to gain followers you don’t know, especially if you currently have little no none to begin with. People tend to follow blogs that already have a lot of followers, so starting with the low hanging fruit is key.